1947 Dodge Cab Over Engine, Central Arizona, 2019

 1947 Dodge Cab Over Engine (COE)
Shot with a Hasselblad X1D, 45mm Lens ISO 100 : 1/90 at f13, Post processed with Photomatix Pro and Exposure X5

My antique truck friends tell me this 1947 Dodge Cab Over Engine (COE) is quite a rare rig. I’m thankful this truck is where it’s at- preserved in the dry Arizona desert. This is one of my most favorite shots from 2019. Shot on my new medium format Hasselblad X1D, the details are amazing. And although shot in direct desert sun, I was able to make this print sing in post production.

With the sun relatively high in the desert sky, I was concerned I was going to end up with a flat shot, with shadows so dark that they had no details. Fortunately, the X1D has amazing exposure latitudes. When coupled with multiple exposures, on a tripod of course, I was able to bring out all sorts of wonderful details in post production. First, using Photomatix. And then into Exposure X5 for the finishing touches.

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